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Here's the cold hard truth that all the pros know: Your time doesn't scale. There are only 24 hours in a day, which means that if you want to make more money you only have one choice: get more work done in less time. 

And the expectations for speed are getting higher every day - when we started out, mixing an album in 2-3 weeks was standard. And now? Top labels expect you to turn around the whole thing in a week. 2 weeks is a luxury!

If you want to compete with the best and increase your income, you'll need to be more than just a great mixer- you also need to be FAST AS HELL.

So what are you supposed to do?? The answer isn’t in downloading this preset or switching to that DAW - and it’s DEFINITELY not in cutting corners or putting out half-assed mixes with your name on them-- that’s career suicide.

The answer is in creating a SYSTEM for transforming the way you work and doubling or even tripling the amount of work you can do in a day without compromising on quality.

And we're proud to announce that it's finally here: the SPEED MIXING system, our flagship course for producers who want to be leaders of the next generation of audio professionals.  
Here's what's waiting for you:
Part 1: Mixing Techniques
The Speed Mixing system is WAY more than just mixing techniques, but implementing the right workflow is the backbone of the system-- and we're going to give you the exact playbook we've used to mix bands like Machine Head, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Asking Alexandria (the pros do NOT put up with wasted time).
  • How to optimize every part of your studio - from your DAW to your outboard gear to your chair - for maximum productivity
  •  Hacks & templates that will chop HOURS of tedious work off every session 
  •  Create the ultimate mix prep guide for the tracking engineer so they give you exactly what you need - say goodbye to spending hours wiping their butt before you can even start mixing! 
Part 2: Client Interactions
It's a little ironic that people spend so little time talking about this part of the audio business since clients are the ones that pay the bills -- and the truth is that learning how to work with them is a learned skill that you can master just like any other part of audio.
We all know that client relations can be major pain, but they can also be an awesome and fun partnership- and we'll give you the client relations playbook that we've honed from working with labels like Rise, Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade and Sumerian.
  • Put an end to countless hours wasted on endless mix notes 
  • Train your clients to give you concise, understandable mix notes
  • Turn your clients into salesmen for your studio
Part 3: Building A Team + Business Systems
This part is the real ninja stuff - the stuff you've never heard ANYWHERE else. This is the nitty-gritty, hands-on mechanics of how to run a studio like a BUSINESS - the way we've run our studios to mix over 500 songs a year (and make a lot of cash in the process).

You might think you don't need an assistant or that you can't afford one. WRONG! Literally every pro has at least one, and if you don't you're leaving money on the table - plain and simple.

And you might think it's ok to run your business by the seat of your pants. WRONG! Getting yourself together with a few simple spreadsheets, processes and other hacks can save you countless hours, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars.
  •  How to analyze your profitability and productivity on a daily, monthly and annual basis
  •  How the strategic use of assistants can SKYROCKET your income 
  •  Excel spreadsheets and other tools to track all of this stuff and do the calculations for you
Part 4: Bootcamp + Multi-tracks
And last but DEFINITELY not least comes the bootcamp where we put this all together. Over the course of 4 weeks you'll go through a series of exercises that will turn you into a lean, mean speed mixing machine that can run circles around the competition.
Fair warning: this stuff is NOT for the faint of heart - these exercises are demanding (we call it bootcamp for a reason), but they WILL transform the way you work.
  • 30 exclusive exercises (for example - mix a this song in less than 4 minutes, and you're only allowed to touch each fader once)
  • 30 sets of raw multi-tracks (one for each exercise)
Bonus materials + cool stuff
But that's not all! We're throwing in a bunch of bonuses because we think you NEED this course, and we want to make it a no-brainer purchase for you:
  • A 50-page workbook
  • Our Client Acquisition mini-course [a $197 value]
  • Access to an exclusive Speed Mixing Facebook community
Take control of your life!
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