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Love em or hate em, nobody does this style better than EMMURE. Their albums have long set the standard for slamming, percussive, and insanely aggressive mixes that feel like someone sledgehammering your face - and their latest release "Look At Yourself" is no exception with a ridiculous hard-hitting mix courtesy of WZRD BLD (Fear Factory, WCAR, Motionless In White). We're stoked to welcome him to NTM to mix their single "Flag Of The Beast" and drop some knowledge on how he crafted the album. This session is a must-watch for anyone who wants to add that extra layer of punch, aggression and power to their mixes!
What's challenging + fun about this song (according to WZRD BLD):
  •  The song is all about emotion. I know that sounds weird, BUT what I mean is it has to feel explosive and make you want to beat your chest. That’s always been Emmure’s MO (and one that Joey captured very well on SOTD) so my priority goal was to make sure every section felt like a ton of bricks hitting you.
  •  With it being 8-string guitars it really starts to blur the lines between guitar and bass and since they have one guitarist, my goal was to basically marry the bass and guitar into one big storming instrument. That takes a lot of carving and EQ’ing in the low-mids.  
  •  The song is really mixed more like a rap song than a metal song to enhance the focal point of Frankie since he is such an enigmatic force. My levels on this song are significantly different than other more straight forward metal bands so I would suggest listening to some hip hop to see some of the comparisons I made in the overall balance! 
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